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Unrefined First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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What is Extra Virgin Avocado Oil (EVAO)?

·  EXTRA VIRGIN, FIRST COLD PRESSED & UNREFINED: Avohass Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is made with 15-20 premium Grade A avocados that are freshly picked and cold pressed at the peak of ripeness for a nutrient dense oil. Avohass is vibrant green in color with a slightly nutty, rich, and buttery avocado flavor. Extra Virgin is always “Unrefined” and “First Cold Pressed”.

·  MINIMAL PROCESSING: Extra Virgin quality avocado oil implies that only premium, unbruised, perfectly ripe fruit can be used. No heat, chemicals or solvents are used, keeping the the original fatty acid profile intact, including heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

·  NON GMO PROJECT VERIFIED & KOSHER: Our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is Paleo, Keto, Vegan, and Whole30 compliant. Naturally gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free and packed with heart healthy high monounsaturated fats.

·  HIGH SMOKE POINT: Avohass Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is ideal for all your high heat cooking like grilling, roasting and frying up to 400F. Rich and buttery in flavor, it makes the perfect addition to all your salad dressings, dips, sauces and marinades. ”From Drizzle To Sizzle”

· VERSATILITY: Avohass Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is not only great in the kitchen but also a wonderful addition to your skin and hair care needs. Extra Virgin Avocado Oil has a natural sunscreen 8-15 SPF, is packed with Vitamin E and sterols for skin & hair repair. It is anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial, and has a super high absorption rate for optimal hair & skin moisturization.